All the lastest on what’s happening in the iWCR.

iWCR Season 10 promotions

Congrats to the following drivers being promoted and eligible to race in both Trucks and Gen6

  1. Alex French
  2. Dusty Rhodes 3 Chris E Pence

Congrats! Keep up the good work and continue to keep it clean boys!

iWCR Has A NEW Team Speak Address

Gen 6 Has A New Sponsor!

Please welcome the iWCR’s first ever league Sponsor Lunar Gaming. Please be sure to support our newest sponsor by promoting and possibly joining up. You can visit their site at

Just some information about Lunar Gaming: • We are a general gaming community • We have an experienced administration staff • We promote respect and maturity • We own and operate servers for Farming Simulator 2015, ARK: Survival Evolved, and Minecraft: Feed the Beast, though we play many more games with each other on servers not owned by us. • No fee to join, just must be 13 or older and have a good attitude. (Children under 13 are allowed with written parental consent.”


Hello iWCR Drivers,

The iWCR has some breaking news that I’d like to share with you. The iWCR will be a featured race on the iracing portal this Friday (Tomorrow Night). Maxspeedtv will be broadcasting us as usual on youtube. Except this week we will be on the portal as well This is huge for the iWCR and a big step for our league as a whole. Thank you Rudy for being able to get this done. Everyone in the league who races here please make sure you extend your gratitude to Rudy as well.

With that said…a couple of things I’d like to throw on out there.

  1. No Drama or Flaming. Even if there is drama. I dont want to hear it on the broadcast or over the air. Make the iWCR look good!!! No…. GREAT!!!

  2. Lets have a great race. If someone is faster be courteous and let the other driver go. This is a short track (technically). So lets keep the racing clean and respectful and race to the best of our ability.

Please come prepared and lets show case the hell out of what a great league this is and what great drivers we have!

CYA Friday on the Track!

New TeamSpeak Address